Ken Wiley

Solo Recording Artist / Studio Musician

Ken Wiley - Cuerno Exotica

From Julius Watkins to Arkady Shilkloper - the French horn already has its own, albeit rather short history in jazz. A small group of leading jazz horns continues to strengthen the traditions of this instrument, each in its own style. Belonging to this group and living in Los Angeles is American horn player, Ken Wiley. The musician is experienced, working with Charlie Hayden and his Liberation Music Orchestra of John Patitucci. He writes music for the cinema and has released a number of albums under his own label, Krug Park Music.

Here is published his most recent work - Cuerno Exotica. Why is the name of the album in Spanish? The answer, apparently, should be sought in the overall "Latin" focus of this project. Opening, his famous Bolero Ravel (than not the Latin European classics?), Which in Wiley's version is generously equipped with Latin American percussion. All five of Wiley's songs that were included in the program (two of them written in collaboration with guitarist Mark Leggett) also bear Latin names and the corresponding color (Carilõ, Cubana Blue, Gato Magico, El Gorriõn and the title play itself). The two remaining compositions are the plays of McKoy Tyner (Sama Layuca) and Kel Tzhader (Black Orchid).

Naturally, the main soloist is Wiley himself, and the sound of his horns can not be denied elegance. But multi-instrumentalist, Dan Higgins (excellent flute in Carilõ and Black Orchid, a perfect combination of a horn and a tenor saxophone sound in Sama Layuca), and acoustic guitarist Leggett, who decorated the melody El Gorriõn, are no less good either. Add to this a solid rhythm group with the participation of the famous Cuban percussionist Luis Conte, and you will get an idea of the richness of the sound palette of this album. You also have all the chances to "feel the vibrations of the World and Love," as the author of the album Cuerno Exotica writes in liner notes.